Delta in Brief

Delta Specialties is a specialized Multinational company serving the market with optimized solutions in multiple industries namely coatings, graphic arts and plastics industries. The core business arms are the driers and additives offered with consistent quality to more than 30 countries serving Local, Regional, and Multinational base of clients around the GLOBE.


20 Years Of Reliable Partnership

Having been in the market for over 20 years, Delta is currently operating with offices in Canada, India, Turkey and Egypt. Our technical department holds the key for the continuous success of the company. The Research & Development labs together with the Technical Service & Application labs work very closely in testing existing products for new applications and developing new products according to the customers’ demand. Our business model is built around serving our customers in an industry that revolves around technology and innovation, but above all positive impact. From the huge change little additives can bring to your performance comes our belief that little makes difference.

The Inspiration Behind Delta New Visual Identity

  • The meaning is echoed clearly in the δ symbol and in the D character marking the new iconic IDENTITY.
  • The Rubine color is a reflection of our determination, strength, passion and empathy.
  • Reflection of our agility and flexibility to better understand our customers’ needs and serve in a matter that brings positive difference to the overall business performance.
  • It is the energy that drives our passion to deliver optimized solutions and human-to-human service.
  • Delta typography is a reflection of both our dynamism and boldness while interacting with our partners around the globe.
  • Delta new identity carries a modern look and a futuristic appearance heading towards a better business world.

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