Delta Specialties Rebrands to DS

DELTA Specialties has been recognized in the market with its brand name for years. It is known to our stakeholders that the official name of the company owning DELTA Specialties brand is Al-Moustafa for industries and designs, a limited-partnership company named after the founding family. Now, and among the global business dynamics which gives opportunity only for the stronger and faster, the founding family decided to capitalize on the strong growth and fast pace of the company and transform it to a shareholder corporation with the official name DS Specialty Chemicals.

Delta Specialties is in PAINT INDIA 2024

With its global footprint, DELTA Specialities is participating in PAINTINDIA 2024.Our passionate team at DELTA is looking forward to welcome you there.You will get to know abouth the recent NEW products offered by DELTA and exchange technical information with our coatings' experts present in the booth. -SEE YOU THERE


Middle East Coatings Show Egypt 2023

We would like to invite all our partners to visit our stand in the Middle East Coatings Show Egypt 2023. Looking forward to see you from June 19th to 21st at Egypt International Exhibition Center / Hall 1 / Stand No 1160.


DELTA’s New Plant Expansion

DELTA is building extra capacity to match the annual double digit growth which the company is continuously achieving. The new extension in DELTA’s plant in Egypt will include 7 reactors with all ancillary equipment included, and the whole system will be automated. The current excess capacity of utilities, yet optimized, in DELTA existing plant will allow a smooth operation of these newly added reactors. The new extension will be supported by a team based in RC2, a newly constructed and finished 774 square meter well-equipped building


A New Patent for Delta

In 2017, Delta was granted by the United States Patent Office a patent for the composition/production process of over-based Calcium carboxylate 10%. A patent is the output for years of exploration inside the lab and outside within the markets we serve. We are thrilled with this achievement and consider it a milestone for Delta where we deliver a real added value to the field. Currently, we are working on the registration for two more patents affirming that development is our path.


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