About Our Products

Delta has been growing very fast, from one product, one customer, in one country in 2003 till having more than 80 products in more than 30 countries worldwide in 2018. During Delta’s 15 years of presence within the Coatings Industry, we have managed to diversify our product portfolio in terms of product categories we work in and variations of products we offer. What dictates our product portfolio is the market trends and needs. Customization is our competitive edge and value added attribute. Our core drive lies in providing our customers with the best solution that best fits their markets’ needs and applications while maintaining cost efficiency at its most. Delta works within five main product categories of Additives including Dispersion Control, Foam Control, Surface Control, and Specialty Additives in addition to Driers and Catalysts. In an attempt to align our products with environmentally friendly track, Delta is working hard to develop more products that are VOC free, water-based, dispersing agents for water-based pigment pastes and more.

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