REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. The European Union regulation for the REACH has one key central aim:

To protect human health and the environment from the risks arising from the use of chemicals, the promotion of alternative test methods, the free circulation of substances on the internal market and enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

REACH makes industry responsible for assessing and managing the risks posed by chemicals and providing appropriate safety information to their users.

In parallel, the European Union can take additional measures on highly dangerous substances, where there is a need for complementing action at EU level. If you need to know more about Reach, click on this link: ECHA

How are we actively dealing with REACH at Delta Specialties?

As a manufacturer, importer and user of chemicals, Delta Specialties had to fulfill the requirements imposed by REACH for a very large number of substances..

We were required to identify the relevant substance and product usages and describe their safe use and risk minimization measures.

We had and will have to support its suppliers in assessing the usage of substances within Delta Specialties.

Several dozens of substances had to be registered under REACH to give full support to our customers worldwide.

To find out which products are already REACH-preregistered or under the way to get REACH-preregistered, please contact our representative in your country or e-mail us at

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