The technical bulletins are intended to highlight some technical features of a few of our products.
More and more technical bulletins will be added in whenever available.

Available upon request for the following products
DELTA-DC 3011:

A multi-purpose high molecular weight dispersion control additive for high performance industrial coatings to normal decorative paints.

DELTA-DC 4211:

The first of a new generation of highly acidic dispersion control additives suited for fillers/extenders and inorganic pigments in coating and composite.

DELTA-DC 4010 M:

DELTA-DC 4010 M is a replacement for DELTA-DC 4010

DELTA-SC 2211, DELTA-DC 4213, MORDRY 345 & DELTA-FC 1501 M:

This is copy of the technical bulletins which were distributed during the MECS ’12 in Dubai, UAE.

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